Carbon County – A picturesque slice of The West

CARBON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Visiting Carbon County doesn’t just give you scenic views. It’s a slice of the West you can’t find anywhere else. Nine Mile Canyon, a destination within the carbon corridor, is known for its picturesque, native rock-art decorating canyon walls.

“Anybody can come here and enjoy the trip. There are a lot of panels are right alongside the road or something like this and where you have to walk a little ways that are some that are located clear the top of the top of the mountain.”

Petroglyphs and pictographs Freemont Ute culture engraved in that rock and Nine Mile Canyon is the home to the famous Great Hunt Panel.

‘It was a two page fold out spread in the 1980 issue of National Geographic and that kind of put Utah rock hard on the map.”

And making the trek through Nine Mile Canyon can be done by car, on horseback, or even by wagon compliments of Nine Mile Ranch.

“They really love it. There’s something they don’t get to see and do ever, you know they come down here and they see this beautiful Canyon with all the scenery and the history here is really cool.”

Horse back tours are available but Nine Mile Ranch is a spot you can stay in play. Karla Meade and her parents have owned the bed and breakfast and campground for 23 years. From original pioneer homes to themed rooms, they’ve been welcoming guests to a country homestead experience and can’t believe more Utah’s don’t know about this well kept secret.

“We have a lot of people from our hometowns that hasn’t been out here and don’t know what we do and how much work out here and what we do and how peaceful and quiet it is out here.”

But if the dusty back road isn’t what you crave, you won’t swing and miss in Carbon County. Manicure greens and magnificent meals are just a few miles away at the Carbon Country Club. So why not bring your clubs? The 18th hole public course is ready and waiting.

“This golf courses amazing. We call it the best kept secret the state it’s always in good shape.”

So this is the year to love the links in Carbon County.

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