Car thief targets elderly Taylorsville couple unloading groceries in driveway

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TAYLORSVILLE (ABC4 News) – Unified Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect who stole an elderly couple’s truck while they were unloading groceries Thursday morning. Surveillance footage also shows that there was a female accomplice involved.

Kevin Wayman grew up in a Taylorsville neighborhood near 5400 South 3000 West, where his parents now live on their own. He never thought their safety would be compromised or that his dad could be spending his 70th birthday in the hospital.

He said his parents were unloading groceries in their driveway shortly before 11 a.m. when a thief jumped into their truck and took off with the keys in the ignition. His dad, Bud, tried to stop them and stand in the way. But instead, he got hit in the process.

“It makes you feel horrible. I can’t believe it happened, still in shock. He has a broken back, a broken pelvis, and a broken hip and possibly some internal injuries,” he said. “My dad will tell you now though he wish he didn’t (stand in front of the truck). He wished he would have just waved at the truck going by.”

Investigators said this is always a good reminder about the steps we can all take to prevent this type of crime from happening.

“If you’re not in your vehicle, your keys should not be in there. These things happen so fast, it’s such a crime of opportunity. It’s not something people normally expect, especially when you’re in your driveway,” said Sgt. Melody Gray with Unified Police Department.

She also encouraged civilians to refrain from trying to stop criminals in the act on their own.

“It’s property and always remember it’s not worth risking your life for. You can’t stop a vehicle with your body. This is what we have car insurance for. Most of the time, you’re going to get your vehicle back anyways, so let them take your property,” she said.

Their neighbors’ surveillance cameras captured the moments before the theft took place, one even caught the suspect and his accomplice’s face. Wayman said he is speaking out about his family’s ordeal, hoping someone from the public can help them identify those responsible.

“I want these guys caught. I don’t want it to happen to someone else. These aren’t the kind of people I want to see on the street. I definitely want justice in whatever form that is,” he said.

Investigators said they believe this was not a targeted incident. Wayman said there was nothing of value in his family’s truck, just flowers they were planning on taking to their grandparents’ grave site.

The vehicle involved in the case is a white 2012 GMC Sierra 2012 with license plate Y78-5NT. If you have any information or happen to spot the car, you’re asked to contact Unified Police at 801-743-7000.


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