SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Some Salt Lake City residents are cleaning up some major water damage after a pipe burst this morning — flooding six homes near 750 W and 13000 S — opening a sinkhole and submerging a car.  

The sinkhole is about 10 ft and 25 ft wide. Tuesday morning it ate up one of the cars parked on the street here. The owner said he bought that car as something reliable for his family and now it’s gone. 

“It just sank, it just disappeared,” Flavio Hernandez, the owner of the car said. 

Hernandez lives in the neighborhood with his family and is working to save up money and provide for his wife and new baby.  

Tuesday morning, his car sunk into the ground. 

“As the minutes progressed it started moving like sort of a boat and next thing we know it started dipping,” Hernandez said. 

Hernandez said this car is what he uses to get to work. 

“It’s my only reliable car, like I said I have another car but with a newborn it’s not very reliable, it’s a Hatch, I ended up getting this but it’s gone now,” 

He said this morning at around 3:45 a.m. he woke up to flooding in his family’s home, thinking it was their own water pipe.  

He didn’t realize things would just get worse until later. 

“We tried barricading the gate by putting a mattress and stuff behind it to try and get the water out but that didn’t really help,” Hernandez said. 

He said water is now up to his waist in their basement. 

The city said all that water is coming from a 16-inch main water pipe on their street. 

The sinkhole opened right next to a sewer, gas and electric line. 

They expect it’ll take a couple of days before the road is back and everything’s cleaned up. 

“Our crews are here till the job is done they’re very dedicated and they’ll work all day and night till everything is properly repaired and restored,” Holly Mullen, spokesperson for Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities said. 

The city is partnering with multiple companies like Utah Disaster Relief to help the families get back on their feet. 

“The Red Cross had said earlier that they would help with lodging for people while they need it,” Mullen said. 

But for Hernandez and his family, this burst is just another blow. 

“It hurts because I have a newborn and we just moved in here, we actually moved in with my grandma to kind of help with rent for them and now this happened,” Hernandez said. 

These families still don’t have water while everything is being repaired and the city said it might take a while for everything to get back to normal.