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Canyons School District says independent water results turn up negative

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SANDY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Out of an abundance of caution Canyons School District is taking some extra steps to keep students safe.

The district flushed its water lines at Altera Elementary, Sunrise Elementary, and Alta High School. It also conducted an independent lab test at each school to make sure the water was safe for students to consume. 

The results came back Tuesday morning. Spokesmen Jeff Haney tells ABC4 News, “There are no elevated levels of metal at any of the schools.” 

Haney went on to say, “We will continue to hand out water bottles and have food prepared at another location. [Wednesday] it’s business as usual.”

Each school placed bags over their water fountains to prevent students from drinking the water; water bottles came in by the pallet, and meals were prepared off-site and brought in for students to eat.

Derek Power walks his daughter Delaney to Altera Elementary School in the mornings. Lately, he’s been concerned over the Sandy City Water Crisis.

He says his comfort lies within the Canyons School District keeping his daughter safe. 

“It kind of makes you nervous when that sort of thing happens in your neighborhood, so to have them reach out and take the extra precautions and then communicate it well in advance of the kids going to school means a lot,” he said. 

The three schools were all in the zone where people could not consume Sandy City water over the weekend.

The City notified the school district and the majority of the public on Friday, Feb. 15th. 10 days after Mayor Kurt Bradburn says city knew a well broke nearby. That order was lifted Sunday night.

“I can assure them that we are going to do the best to keep your kids safe. That we are bringing in the water. That Sandy City is going to continue to test our water; that we are doing independent tests of the water just to make sure that they are safe,” Principal Nicole Svee Magann of Altara Elementary School said.

“We really appreciated that and also the communication,” said Power.

Representatives from Canyons School District will be at the Sandy City Council Meeting Tuesday night looking for more answers. That meeting begins at 5:15 p.m. located at Sandy City Hall. 

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