Can you live off of $15 an hour in Salt Lake City?

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There’s a battle going on in Congress that may concern your paycheck.

With the push to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, ABC4 took a closer look at how far that amount would get you in Salt Lake City.

Most apartments rent for more than $1,000 per month. That’s just for a studio or a one-bedroom.

We did, however, find apartments just off of North Redwood Road for just over $800.

As far as operating household expenses, there’s gas, utilities, and water. That could run a couple of hundred dollars.

Then there’s the cost of food. That could easily run the upwards of at least $300 if you’re getting three meals a day for $3 per meal.

Now, to transportation and gas. This will depend on if you’re taking public transportation or if you have a car payment. Either option could mean a chunk out of your paycheck.

When it comes to how Utah’s Delegation feels about raising the minimum wage, all four representatives voted against it.

Congressman Ben McAdams released a statement that says in part: “We do need the guardrail of a higher minimum wage that helps Utah employees and protects jobs, however, this legislation doesn’t strike the right balance for Utah.”

McAdams suggests increases should be based on regions.

The Raise the Wage Act is now off to the Senate where it’s expected to fail.


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