Cache Co. prepares as flood season nears its end

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CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Officials in Cache County are making preparations for possible flooding in the coming weeks. If temperatures can stay mild the rivers should be fine, but a spike in temperatures could cause problems.
Over the last week the City of Logan has helped residents along the Logan River stack up sandbags. Officials have put up special barriers called “Muscle Walls” to prevent water from flooding onto Logan River Golf Course.
In 2011, the river bank had a blowout which caused the river to flow through part of the course causing more than a half million dollars in damage. 
Logan Public Works Director Mark Nielsen said for now the river levels are manageable.
“We have high river flows now, but nothing that is really endangering structures or anything like that,” said Nielsen.
If temperatures stay mild as they currently are experts believe the snow could melt off at a normal pace without further issues. If there is a sudden spike in temperatures officials worry it could spell trouble.
“If it gets really hot really quick it could come down in less than a week and that would cause some problems,” said Nielsen.
Several neighbors along the river have already used some of the sandbags while others already have special walls built to withstand high water.
Runar Anderson lives along the river and knows the water levels could hit as high as they did in 2011. He feels the risk for flooding is low going forward, but said his neighborhood is prepared if things change.
“Right now when I look at the temperatures coming up I’m pretty optimistic,” said Anderson.
The biggest worry for city officials right now are logs and debris getting caught up in the river. It could dramatically change the flow and cause flooding in unexpected areas. That’s why officials are asking people to keep an eye out.
“If they ever see anything get jammed up in the river a tree fall down just call us immediately and we will get up and get that taken care of it,” said Nielsen.
Although flooding hasn’t been an issue water levels are still high making the water dangerous. People are urged to use caution and not let pets or children near the water.

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