PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – Brigham Young University is clarifying a recent change to its Honor Code Wednesday.

It appears the university removed a section of the Honor Code regarding “homosexual behavior” causing many to wonder what the change means.

The section was completely removed from the current version of the Church Educational System Honor Code Related Policies page on BYU’s website.

BYU officials sought to correct any “miscommunication” by releasing a statement on Twitter Wednesday.

“Even though we have removed the more prescriptive language, the principles of the Honor Code remain the same,” said BYU in a tweet Wednesday.

The Honor Codes still indicates that faculty, administration, staff, and students should “live a chaste and virtuous life, including abstaining from any sexual relations outside a marriage between a man and a woman.”

The update to the Honor Code comes as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently released a new general handbook with nine rewritten chapters.