PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – BYU Police have released new footage of the Missionary Training Center shooting back in 2020. 

Today marks two years since the shooting happened and police are still looking for answers. 

Police say the security guard in the booth at the time of the shooting now feels comfortable sharing the video 

In the video, on the top right corner of the screen you can see a white Subaru parking next to the Provo Missionary Training Center, the pant leg of a man getting out of the car, and then the late-night security guard, a BYU student at the time, running out after being shot at nine times. 

Courtesy of BYU Police

Police are still looking for the shooter two years later, with barely any leads 

“I mean we’re just it’s all guesses we have no idea why somebody would shoot at the security booth,” Lt. George Besendorfer said. 

Police say the security guard is still recovering. 

“This was very difficult for him can you imagine being shot at with multiple rounds while working as a security guard,” Besendorfer said. 

BYU Police said the event was traumatizing for him, but years later, the former security guard wants the man found, so police are releasing the footage. 

“At the time it just didn’t seem right to put that out and he just wasn’t comfortable with it,” Besendorfer said. 

BYU Police and Provo Police partnered to find the shooter. 

Provo Police hope time will be on their side. 

“Time gives people the opportunity to reflect back on where was i at this time is it possible I saw anything,” Provo Police Chief R. Fred Ross. 

Police said they’re going off basic descriptions and are continuing to search for a plain white Subaru Outback. 

“No tinted windows no stickers nothing like that that we can see,” Besendorfer said. 

Police say the suspect is a white man in his late teens or early twenties. 

“5’5-5’7 wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and hat,” Ross said. 

And no leads on the shooter’s motive. 

“It was very random,” Ross said. 

That’s why they’re asking for the public’s help. 

“It’s just one of our cold cases and we just can’t we don’t want to let it go we do want to get this case solved,” Besendorfer said. 

Police said the glass to the security booth is now bulletproof. More information is expected to be released more information throughout the month.