PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News)- Leaders of BYU’s Honor Code Office have announced changes to the school’s Honor Code process after listening to students’ concerns.

One of the major changes? Students will be told the name of the person who has reported the violation (unless it is a matter of safety).

In a letter to students, HCO Director Kevin Utt said, “I understand the concerns that have been raised with some of our procedures, which we will continue to address in the months ahead. The constructive dialogue that I and others are having with students is helpful as we continue to refine our policies, trainings and practices.”

Utt announced the following changes:

  • You will know at the start of our first meeting why we have asked you to come to the Honor Code Office and the nature of the reported violation. If you are self-reporting, we want you to have a clear understanding of what we need to know to help you remain in, or return to, good standing within the university. I want to reiterate that you will NOT be presumed in violation of an Honor Code policy unless you either accept responsibility or the investigation process makes such a determination.
  • As part of our process, you will be told the name of the person who has reported the violation, except in situations where it is a matter of safety to a member of our campus community.
  • From the first meeting with us, you will be given an explanation regarding what the investigation process entails and support resources that are available to you as you participate in the process. This includes an explanation of the steps we will take to find information that corroborates or disputes the original report; the preponderance of evidence standard that universities use; and the possible outcomes if found responsible for the policy violation.
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Utt made sure to clarify that reports of sexual misconduct are handled by the Title IX Office and DO NOT involve the Honor Code Office. Utt stated in those cases the reporting party’s identity is protected.

Click here to read the full letter from Utt.

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