SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Fireworks stands may have less inventory this year than in years past.

COVID is causing shipping delays, and some local stands are feeling the effect.

Phantom Fireworks, one of the largest firework retailers, said it’s having some supply issues because of the pandemic, but some local stands could be hit harder than the national chain.

Some community members told ABC4 it doesn’t seem right to buy fireworks this year, and others feel bad for the stand owners since they are trying to make some money.

Firework stands don’t open until Thursday, but once they do, most will be full — but the problem is how to restock them after the initial inventory is gone.

No fireworks means no money made for stand owners. 

“We all lost a lot during COVID,” said Utahn, Onyxx Monopoly. “I am not about to cry about fireworks when there are the more important things to cry, so in my opinion, find another way.”

Monopoly said she isn’t buying any fireworks this year because of the drought.

She said the stand owners need to think of other ways to make money this year. 

“Get creative,” said Monopoly. “It sucks, especially if you are passionate about it, but just be passionate about putting smiles on family faces because there are other things again to cry about than fireworks.

Firework sales are expected to be higher than in years past, according to Phantom Fireworks.

The nationwide firework retailer said the supply chain issue is hurting stands across the country.

“For me, it’s a waste of money because it’s only for a few minutes then it’s over,” said Utahn, Zulema Rubio. “I’d rather watch someone else’s fireworks.”

Rubio said she’s not going to buy any fireworks this year.

She added hopefully the stand owners can make good money and the buyers can be responsible for what they purchase and use.

“I just want everyone to be careful where they are lighting their fireworks because of the dryness out there,” said Rubio.

Despite supply chain issues, firework stands will still be open this Thursday, June 24 through Sunday, July 25.