HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4) – Now that November is here, we’re getting into the holiday season, which means a busy time for mail carriers. With winter-like weather outside, it can make deliveries tricky. ABC4’s Kayla Baggerly spent the morning shadowing a postal worker in Salt Lake County to get a look into what their day looks like.

Soana Katoa walks into work each day at the USPS office in Holladay, Utah with a bounce in her step, greeting all her co-workers as she passes by them.

“This job, you need a positive energy, so if you do have that, then you can get along with everybody and love the job you’re doing,” she said.

Her first task is casing her mail, which takes around an hour, then she loads her truck to get it ready to go for her route, which she says is around 600 stops. Despite the large amount of stops, Soana says delivering the mail is the part of her job she loves the most.

Soana has worked as a mail carrier for around three years and one of her favorite parts is the relationships and bonds she makes with the people along her route.

“I know every single person in there and they get to say ‘hi’ and I say hi to them. I had one customer that passed away,” Katoa said. “He would always sit outside waiting for me, every single time, and sometimes I would be late because I had so much to do and he would go, ‘oh, you’re coming late today.’ That kind of energy makes me more happy, make my work easy.”

She shared that one of the biggest motivators is her family — and she wears a pin of her late father who passed in February to remember him and his inspiration.

Now, she’s preparing for the holiday season. Although it gets busy, and it can mean early mornings and late nights, Soana always tries to maintain her positivity.

“It’s a big thing, but it puts a smile on the kids’ faces when they receive the package with presents,” Soana told Kayla. “It’s because we deliver the package, all the mail, and stuff like that makes my job worth it. The tiring and tough hours, it’s all worth it when it’s like that.”

USPS is having a hiring blitz for 800 positions in 34 Utah locations to prepare for the holidays and beyond. Learn more about openings here.