OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Business owners in Ogden are coming forward expressing their concerns about demonstrations becoming violent. This comes after the protests Sunday night on 25th Street in Ogden.

Some business owners told me they have some anxieties about possible rioting in Ogden, but others are hopeful it won’t happen here.

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“You know when you’re missing sleep at night, because you’re worried about your business, you know, it’s a snowball effect and it’s affecting everyone’s abilities to think straight,” said the owner of Jessie Jean’s on 25th Street in Ogden, Ron Davidson.

Davidson was just one of many business owners who sat outside their businesses and watched the protests Sunday night.

“I came down, brought out the table last night and sat out here and waited to see what would happen,” he added.

Davidson says he and his wife remain anxious about potential looters, especially after the demonstrations turned violent in Salt Lake City.

“We’re not a big city, we’re a community, so it’s kind of different here you know,” he said.

Davidson says he thinks the Ogden City Police Department did a good job of keeping the peace. And, he says he’s thankful protests so far, have been peaceful.

“They told us there was a 0 tolerance last night coming down from the chief,” he added.

Davidson says with everything going on, and the death of Officer Nate Lyday, violence in the community is the last thing the city needs. He says he just wants the community to keep demonstrating compassion.

Business owners say for the most part, they trust the community and they know police will keep peace in the city.