SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC 4 News) – As police continue to investigate the murder of David Stokoe, his family is asking the community to think about the positive memories with him, so that the horrific details of his death doesn’t overshadow the legacy he leaves behind.

Neil Stokoe spoke to ABC 4 News Sunday evening about his older brother and said they were the two youngest out of six brothers in the family.

“Dave was my hero growing up. I idolized Dave. Everything he did, he was a very charismatic individual and just loved people,” he said. “Dave was my hero. Dave was a warrior. Dave was a leader.”

One reason why Neil said he admired Dave so much was because of his strength and tenacity when he faced hardships, especially when their other brother, Steve committed suicide when they were teenagers.

“I look at how he handled that trial and challenge. He was really, really tight with Steve and for him, he worked through it and then turned it into something to where he would go out to high schools and talk about suicide prevention and tell his story,” said Neil.

He highlighted his brother’s drive and passion for achieving his dreams.

“Dave was a very goal-oriented person. He was big on vision boards and creating goals and dreams. He was always being driven by a higher purpose,” he said.

Neil and his wife, Corrine currently live in Southern California but flew back to Utah to be with family during this difficult time. He said Dave’s children told him they willl always remember their father as someone who prioritized spending quality time with them.

“Dave’s daughter, Sophie told me, ‘I loved when he came home and he immediately wanted to play with me, hang out in the backyard, jump on the trampoline and play soccer,” said Neil.

As the reality of Dave’s death sinks in, Neil said what’s helping his family get through this tough time is thinking about what Dave would say to them if he was still alive.

“Knowing Dave, he would take this opportunity and not see it as a tragedy. He would look at it as an opportunity to remind people to make time for the things and people that mattered,” he said.

Stokoe’s colleagues will be holding a candlelight vigil for him Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. at RanLife Real Estate, located at 9272 S. 700 E. in Sandy.

If you would like to donate to his family’s GoFundMe, click here.