UTAH (ABC4) – It seems almost unthinkable that Salt Lake City could set a high-temperature record on Sunday and then struggle to hit 70 the next day. However, this is what happens when we find ourselves finally out the grip of the high-pressure system of last week and give just enough room for a low-pressure system to visit and bring along a cold front.

Northern Utah will see scattered showers late into the evening and even possibly into early Tuesday morning before the low pressure moves on. This will give the region some much needed moisture, but will also send temperatures spiraling downward after hitting 102 on Sunday (a record). We are looking at 68 for a high in Salt Lake City and most of the northern section of the state will see their highs about 20 degrees below normal. We are even seeing some snow in the mountains.

The pattern will shift again starting Wednesday when another high-pressure system comes in and temperatures will bump back up quickly. Salt Lake could be looking at another triple-digit day come this Friday! But as this yo-yo weather pattern continues, we could see rain again for the weekend. We’ll be keeping an eye on all of this.

For southern Utah wind and fire danger will be the main thing to watch out for when it comes to weather. We will see gusts over 50 miles per hour along the southeastern section of the Beehive State, and just like those bees, the wind will continue to buzz. Winds will be especially heavy in the hottest part of the day and thankfully will be less severe on Tuesday. But it only takes a little bit of wind to start a major fire, so please be careful if you are outside. Wind and Fire advisories will be in place for much of the south and east until late Monday.

Temperatures will take a little drop down south as well, but not near as extreme as northern Utah. We will see a drop of 10 or more degrees from previous marks over the weekend for Monday and Tuesday, but they will start their rise on Wednesday. There is a chance that southern Utah could see some rain on Saturday which is great news for everyone who has been worried about the dry conditions and fire danger. Is this an early start to the Monsoon Season? Time will tell.

Bottom line? We will see a few days of cooler weather, high winds, and even some moisture before our next high-pressure system comes in on Wednesday

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