SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Brewvies, a popular Salt Lake City “cinema pub,” will respond to its successful First Amendment case against the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (DABC).
In April 2016, Brewvies was threatened with fines and the loss of their liquor license for showing specific R-rated movies; in this case, last year’s blockbuster hit, Deadpool.

Last year three undercover agents bought beer and saw a screening of Deadpool at Brewvies. Because of a state law prohibiting the display of sexual material in a place that serves alcohol, the DABC threatened to fine the theater $25,000 and suspend their liquor license for 10 days.

Brewvies filed a federal lawsuit claiming the theater’s screening of the R-rated movie is protected by the First Amendment. 
Thursday a federal judge agreed. U.S. District Judge David Nuffer ruled against DABC in favor of Brewvies, protecting the first amendment rights of Brewvies and its customers to show and view mainstream movies while legally providing food and alcohol to adults.  

Brewvies will respond to the favorable ruling and announce the “Freedom Film Series” to thank its supporters in its case with DABC. Brewvies will show a series of free films. All will be movies that the DABC deemed to violate Utah State law, Title 32B, Chapter 1, Part 5, Section 504, Subsection 7.