SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah News) – It’s a brouhaha over brews and movies but to Brewvies it’s no laughing matter.

As the name indicates, the downtown Salt Lake City cinema pub serves more than soda and popcorn.

“You can go into the movies and have a beer,” longtime customer Allan Hammack said. “Which is the only place in town that I know you can do that.”

That may be in jeopardy. In February three undercover agents purchased beer and saw a screening of “Deadpool” at Brewvies. Because of a state law prohibiting the display of sexual material in a place that serves alcohol, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control could fine the theater $25,000 and suspend their liquor license for 10 days.

In the shopping center at 677 South and 200 West,  Doctor John’s Boutique sells items of a sexual nature and that’s perfectly fine with the State of Utah. Across the parking lot, Legend’s Pub & Grill sells alcohol and that’s also OK. The problem lies in the middle where the State of Utah has some of both.

Brewvies’ attorney, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, said enforcing the law violates the constitutional right to free speech of Brewvies and their customers.

“It’s not only not their business to do this, it’s also unconstitutional,” Anderson told ABC4 Utah News Monday. “People are enraged about this and it’s a hell of a way to spend taxpayers money.”

Anderson sent a letter to the DABC’s attorney threatening to sue if they don’t leave Brewvies alone. He calls the DABC “a state agency that’s been acting more like the Taliban rather than a state agency that observes the first amendment to the United States Constitution”.

DABC public information officer Vickie Ashby said the department will not comment because this is a pending matter.