BREAKING THE ICE: Lone Peak Officers tackle ice rescue training

Local News

LONE PEAK, Utah (ABC4) – Officers gear up as they continue ice rescue training, Tuesday.

On January 12, Lone Peak Fire District educated new team members on ice rescues.

“Over the past week our three shifts have completed our ice rescue technician recertifications and trained new employees on these lifesaving skills,” writes the district.

Officers geared up in yellow warm clothing and then dove into icy lakes to practice precautions.

“We have several bodies of water that present hazards in our community,” shares the Lone Peak Fire District.

With large bodies of water present within the community, officials urge new members and citizens to be cautious and well-prepared.

According to the Division of Natural Resources (DNR), ice can never be 100% safe. It’s best to always be prepared for the worst and have safety tips in mind.

“Clear ice is capable of holding more weight than cloudy ice. There should be a minimum of four inches of good clear ice before walking out onto any lake,” shares DNR. “Avoid having large groups of people and equipment in a small area. Spread the weight out.”

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