TUESDAY 6/29/2021 9:16 a.m.

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – The two people previously reported as unaccounted for following a large Ogden fire have been located.

Early Tuesday morning, authorities told ABC4 everyone had been accounted for. Then, later on in the morning, authorities released new information that two people had not yet been located.

As of 9:15 a.m. Tuesday, authorities have now confirmed that those two individuals had been located.

WATCH: Flames rise during Ogden fire

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Two people unaccounted for following Ogden fire

TUESDAY 6/29/2021 7:21 a.m.

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Despite early Tuesday morning reports that everyone was accounted for following an Ogden fire, authorities now tell ABC4 two people have yet to be located.

Monday night, after the fire started at an apartment construction site and spread quickly to nearby homes and businesses, at least two people were unaccounted for.

As of 7:15 a.m., two people have yet to be located.

The cause of this fire remains under investigation. For more, scroll down.

Nearby cars, buildings damaged by Ogden fire

TUESDAY 6/29/2021 5:51 a.m.

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – At least two people were unaccounted for amid a late Monday night fire in Ogden. As of Tuesday morning, everyone is accounted for, police tell ABC4.

The fire started at a construction site and spread, charring vehicles and destroying nearby homes. Flames could be seen rising several feet high.

Ogden Fire officials tell ABC4 the fire spread to five separate homes, three businesses, and several vehicles. Some of that property has been deemed a total loss. A nearby autobody shop owner reports he is facing thousands of dollars in damages.

The photos seen below from the scene show the damage done by the fire, as well as power crews working on lines damaged by the fire.

According to officials, Monday night’s wind contributed to the fire spread, as did the type of debris that was burning.

One neighbor recounted the scene to ABC4.

“I was just mainly concerned that everyone was OK,” says Riley Shaum. “We ran into a couple people who said their parents were in one of the houses and they were trying to get over here to make sure everything was OK.” 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but authorities tell ABC4 a person of interest from a separate Monday afternoon fire in Ogden, is also being considered as a person of interest in this fire.

Power crews are still on scene working to restore and repair power in the area.

Crews remain on scene Tuesday morning monitoring hotspots.

ORIGINAL STORY: Firefighter sent to hospital following Ogden blaze, apartment complex a total loss

MONDAY 6/28/2021 11:21 a.m.

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – An Ogden apartment complex under construction is a total loss following a late-night fire Monday, and the fire chief says there are also a few residents unaccounted for.

According to the Ogden Fire Chief, the locations of at least two people are unknown, and while there could be more displaced or missing residents, officials won’t know until some time Tuesday.

Furthermore, officials tell ABC4.com a firefighter is being treated at a hospital for exhaustion.

While it’s known that the apartment complex, at least three stories high, is a complete loss, the owners of five different homes near the site of the four-alarm fire are waiting on word as to whether or not their homes will be considered total losses as well.

The damage from the blaze extends to at least three nearby businesses and numerous vehicles as well.

According to the fire chief, a person of interest from a separate Monday afternoon fire down the road from the apartment construction site is being considered as a person of interest in the late Monday evening fire as well. While a connection cannot be confirmed at this time, ABC4 reporter Kade Garner witnessed a woman being removed from the scene by police in the early minutes of Tuesday morning. The fire chief told Garner the woman was likely being brought in for more questioning.

According to dispatch, the first calls came in for a large structure fire at 28th and Grant. Callers reported the fire broke out at a possible new apartment complex being built, in addition to several homes.

In video provided by ABC4 viewer Genesis Vargas, flames several feet high can be seen shooting up from the site of the blaze while embers from the fire are being carried on the wind over Vargas as they film.

Evacuations were quickly initiated for a number of homes in the immediate area.

The Ogden Fire Chief said at least 70-80 firefighters across multiple agencies worked together to combat the blaze.

ABC4 has a crew headed to the scene. An update will be provided once additional details are known.