Braidon’s big reveal: A surgery to stop the bullying

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MURRAY, Utah (News4Utah) — News4Utah, shared the story of 13-year-old Braidon from Roosevelt on Thursday.He has been bullied his whole life because of his big ears.

Braidon had surgery to have his ears pinned and on Friday, the doctor took off the bandages and let him see the transformation.

Braidon endured endless teasing which started in preschool. When Braidon was a preemie he favored one side that made one ear stick out.

Because of the Mobley Foundation for Charitable Surgery, Braidon was able to get the life-changing procedure to get his ears pinned back.

“You ready?” Dr. Mobley asks.

Dr. Steven Mobley carefully unwraps the bandages.

“Do you like the way you look?”

Braidon looks in the mirror, “Yep, I’m a normal kid.”

Braidon still needs to get used to his new look and not having to hide from the world.

“It’s why I play video games all day. It helps me take my mind off what’s happening in the real world.”

“It affects them their whole life. They’re going to remember this their entire life. It’s bad when a kid feels he has to change his appearance just to fit in that’s not OK,” said Melissa Gerard, Braidon’s mother. 
Dr. Mobley started his foundation after experiencing something similar in his past. People would make fun of his big ears.

“After an ear pinning, having experienced it myself you feel when you walk into a room like you fit in with everyone else in that room,” said Dr. Mobley. 

“It’s a new beginning, a new chapter for him,” said Gerard. 

That new chapter, where Braidon hopes people will hear his message of kindness loud and clear.

“To all the kids who have disabilities, never lose hope and there’s always a chance you can fit in and be normal.”

Dr. Mobley wants to remind people, ear pinning may not be for everyone. It has to be a family decision. And if the family takes that route, Dr. Mobley says that’s what his foundation is for, to help children who are bullied get the surgery they can’t afford.

Northpointe Surgical Center in Tooele surprised the foundation and donated all of Braidon’s surgical costs.

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