BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The boots of a missing 19-year-old who’s been missing for almost two weeks were found on his property.

According to East Idaho News, the shoes of Dylan Rounds were found behind a dirt pile on the 19-year-old’s property.

Rounds lives by himself in a camp trailer on a remote piece of land and family members say they last heard from him when he called his grandmother on the morning of May 28.

Rounds went to Rigby High School in Idaho and began farming grain a few years in Lucin.

“He said he couldn’t talk. He had to get his grain truck in the shed because he had seed in it,” Candice Cooley, Rounds’ mother, tells “He was planting, and he couldn’t get his seed wet.”

After not hearing from Rounds over the weekend, his family grew concerned, went to the farm, and discovered he wasn’t there. They called the police and they began searching the property.

“Within the first hour and a half, they found his boots. From where his grain truck was parked, his boots were about 100 yards south behind a pile of dirt just casually tossed out,” Cooley told East Idaho News. “He was very particular about his boots. He wears a pair, and it’s always the same pair. When they wear out, he goes and buys exactly the same boots.”

There were also no tire tracks in the dirt leading to or from Rounds’ truck which is suspicious because the weekend he disappeared, it was raining where he lived, so if he left and came back there would have been markings in the ground.

Rounds’ mother says it appears that his truck was pressure washed because it was “noticeably clean.”

His mom also points out that with her being 4’11 and her son being 5’11 she can never reach the pedals in her son’s car. When the car was found, she didn’t have to move closer to the pedals to drive.

Rounds’ also visited Montello, Nevada which was the last place someone physically saw him.

“He’d go into the bar in Montello and meet up with friends, but they never came out (to Lucin) with him. There’s no reason to come out there because there’s nothing there,” Cooley says. “We don’t even know if he made it back to Utah (that Saturday).”

For now, Cooley is pleading with Nevada officials to help with the search.

Rounds’ family is offering $20,000 to anyone who finds him or knows where he may be. The family is also posting updates on the Find Dylan Rounds Facebook page.