UTAH (ABC4) – An investigation into the Black Hawk helicopter crash that happened near Snowbird Ski Resort back in February has been completed.

Officials say the crash was a result of pilot error after two Black Hawk helicopters were involved in an accident on Feb. 22 while conducting winter survivability training near Snowbird.

Around 9:35 a.m. as the two helicopters approached the helicopter landing zone, the trail aircraft (chalk 2) descended below the lead aircraft (chalk 1) and entered white-out conditions.

In the white-out conditions, the pilot in command of chalk 2 could not determine his position in relation to the helicopter landing zone and relied on aircraft flight instruments as a reference when he attempted to land, an investigation report states.

As chalk 2 approached the ground, the helicopter drifted right causing the aircraft to roll on its side. As the aircraft rolled, the main rotor blades broke apart and a piece of the main rotor blade hit the lead aircraft, causing a catastrophic mechanical failure of the tail rotor, officials say.

The pilot of chalk 1 was able to safely land that helicopter without any serious injuries to any crew members.

The investigation board found the cause of the accident to be human error on the part of the pilot in command of chalk 2.

The estimated cost of damages is $9.23 million. Two replacement aircraft are expected to arrive in Utah this month.