MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah middle schoolers received a furry surprise this morning when a black bear showed up for class on Monday.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Services (DWR) says the black bear was spotted roaming around the Morgan Middle School campus.

Officials say the bear explored around, then left school grounds and headed over to a nearby apartment complex. The bear found a sturdy tree by Riverside Park where he climbed up and made his post.

In pictures captured by Morgan School District officials, the bear can be seen relaxing and hanging out from the tree’s elevated viewpoint.

Wildlife officials say a nearby houndsmen used dogs to keep the bear elevated in the tree until officials could arrive at the scene.

DWR crews safely tranquilized the bear and are now in the process of relocating it.

“The likelihood of conflicts with bears often increases during drought years when a bear’s normal food supply is decreased, leading them to seek alternate food sources,” says DWR.

Although bears typically hibernate in March or April, this year, bears are waking up earlier due to low snow conditions and early warm weather.

“We’re anticipating a possible increase in incidents this year of bears getting into people’s garbage and scavenging for food,” said DWR Game Mammals Coordinator Darren DeBloois. “Even though they’re incredibly strong and surprisingly fast, black bears will typically do everything they can to avoid people. When a bear finds food, though, that all changes. A bear will often become aggressive toward anything it perceives as threatening the area where it found the food — that includes people.”

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