SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A bill that would’ve added new provisions to health education in Utah high schools and middle schools was knocked down in the Senate last week.

H.B. 274 would have required the State Board of Education to establish a curriculum that would include instruction in sexual assault resource strategies and sexual violence behavior prevention. Parents would have to opt-in to allow their children to learn the curriculum.

The bill passed through the house on a 43-25 vote, but failed 10-18 in the senate.

The prevention behavior curriculum would teach students how to “clearly and expressly refuse sexual advances by a minor or adult,” as well as teach them that they have a right to refuse any kind of physical touch from another person.

Students would also learn about emotional manipulation and grooming strategies.

The bill, sponsored by Rep Carol Moss (D), would’ve also required local education agencies (LEA) to review data on sexual assault for each county. The data would then be used to inform the LEA’s policies on health education.