SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Roughly 10 months ago, 33-year-old Jared Bridegan was shot dead in front of his two-year-old daughter while they were driving home. The Bridegan family is now looking to turn their grief into something positive.

Jared’s wife, Kirsten, has started a foundation to help kids like her own deal with this trauma. It’s called Bexley Box and it is named after Jared and Kirsten’s daughter Bexley. “It has been such an outlet,” said Kirsten.

Bexley was in the car the night her dad was shot four times after he got out to move a tire blocking the road. Investigators still have not identified any suspects nor made any arrests.

Bexley Box was created to help kids deal with any grief or trauma as they arrive at police stations. Kirsten tells ABC4 this helps her cope with the loss of her husband and solves a problem that police stations have never addressed.

“It is so cool to watch something so beautiful come out of something so tragic,” said one of Kirsten’s closest friends Rebekkah Thacker. Thacker is also on the board of directors for the Bridegan Foundation.

The origin story of Bexley Box has gotten the grieving Bridegans through an unimaginable time. “Everything that you would need immediately for a child — their basic needs would be met,” said Kirsten.

It contains essentials like diapers, pre-mixed formula bottles, baby wipes, blankets, stuffed animals, and snacks. Bexley was with him the night he was killed and had to spend several hours at the police station following that event,” said Kirsten.

Because of Bexley’s experience at the police station following her father’s death, Kirsten brainstormed Bexley Box and brought it to life. “The Bexley Boxes are such a testament to who Kirsten and Jared are and were together,” said Thacker. “They are the most thoughtful people on the planet and they are always looking for ways to help their neighbors, friends, and family.

Thacker says she jumped at the opportunity to help. 

Kirsten, a BYU grad, lives in St. Augustine, Florida, where multiple police stations have accepted and used Bexley Boxes, but the greater focus is in Utah. The Bridegan family has roots here and Jared was a Utah Valley University graduate.

“There are children out there that every single day go through something, and if you have little ones running around or know someone with a little one, just think about them,” said Nichelle Yazzie, another one of Kirsten’s closest friends.

Yazzie is also on the board of directors for the Bridegan Foundation and said the community has already been a huge help, considering Bexley Box just launched within the week. They are filled by the Bridegan Foundation, thanks to donations from the community. As kids use the items, they are then refilled. 

The Bexley Box was also able to come to life so quickly thanks to California law firm Sheppard Mullin, which is helping the non-profit for free. 

Kirsten said it’s often difficult for police stations to deal with children dealing with trauma, so the Bexley Box is there to add some much-needed comfort. She told ABC4 it’s truly helped the family cope with the loss of Jared.

“It’s a therapeutic way for Bexley and myself to make something good come from this insane evil that we have encountered, and I know that Jared would be proud of that,” said Kirsten.

The goal is to get a Bexley Box into multiple police stations throughout Utah. 

The Bridegan Foundation has already raised more than $7,500 but needs the community’s help.  You may donate toys, snacks, or money here.