SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Mother’s Day 2022 is fast approaching, leaving many scrambling for a suitable, inspired gift. Whether shipping times are too long, or you want something more local, here are some top Mother’s Day gift ideas from local Utah businesses. 

For a mother that loves a quality drink—but doesn’t drink—consider gifting a six pack or growler of Mamachari Kombucha. Mamachari is a “craft kombucha brewery” based in Salt Lake City that emphasizes on producing seasonal flavors and beverages that are actually good for peoples’ health. They sell a wide variety of craft flavors, including Honey Hops, Concord Grape, Lavender Honey, Lemon Ginger, and more. If kombucha isn’t your mom’s thing, try getting a pack of Mamachari “Tibi” brand kefir soda. 

Your mom can enjoy a luxury bath with a gift from Gneiss Soap Company, based right here in Salt Lake City. Gneiss soaps are handmade and from small batches, and are made with sustainable and ecofriendly ingredients. “No two soaps are exactly the same,” according to their website. Most Gneiss soaps are inspired by Utah’s natural beauty and geology, with products made to resemble marble, opal, and other minerals. Just be sure that your mom doesn’t think that a soap gift is an underhanded comment about personal hygiene. 

For a brunch-loving mother, consider buying her a gift card to one of Salt Lake City’s various brunch spots. While Mother’s Day weekend itself might be overbooked, a gift card to Utah’s Eggs in the City, Pig & a Jelly Jar, or The Park Café might make for a fun outing for her and her friends. If one of these brunch spots or another favorite doesn’t have gift cards, make a reservation for your mom and cover the tab. 

If your mom is the outdoorsy type, try getting her something from Cotopaxi, a Utah-based clothing company that specializes in sustainable clothing practices. Cotopaxi’s website says their goal is to “use repurposed, recycled, or otherwise responsible materials for all their products by 2025.” Their line of fleeces are particularly good for a cool, morning hike. 

Buying a book for a reading mom can be risky; she might hate it or have already read it. Instead, try giving your mom a gift card to The King’s English Bookshop in Sugarhouse. That way, she can make her own selection from the store’s incredible selection of books, old and new. The King’s English Bookshop has a charming design and layout, and makes for a cozy trip regardless of what book your mom ends up choosing. 

If your mom loves art, buy tickets to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Whether you get a ticket for just her or for you too, UMFA is a great place to spend a couple of hours to appreciate good art that she may not have seen before. Currently, UMFA has an exhibit titled “Handstitched Worlds: The Cartography of Quilts” that might be perfect for a quilting mother. Make sure to visit the gift shop on the way out.

Flowers are a Mother’s Day staple, but you may not have considered getting your mom a living plant for her home, desk, or other workspace. Bouquets can be expensive, and don’t last very long. A living houseplant from Cactus & Tropicals, on the other hand, can last for years, and continue to liven up any otherwise drab area. If you are stuck on flowers, try and find a houseplant that blooms sometime during the year. The staff at Cactus & Tropicals will be happy to help you select a plant and to give you and your mom instructions on how to care for it. 

This year, before buying a run-of-the-mill gift for your mother, think about trying out something local and with a bit more Utah character.