Bellamy Young dishes on her ‘Scandal’ journey, final season

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PARK CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – One scandal after another. Only 10 episodes remain in ABC’s hit political drama Scandal the show’s fans and stars are savoring every last minute.

News4Utah sat down with Scandal’s Madam President at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City.

Scandal’s seventh and final season is an emotional one on screen and off.

“We have all the feels, you know, I mean we feel so lucky, so blessed to have gotten this time together, so sad that it is ending but excited to see what is next. I’ve never been through a moment like this,” said Bellamy Young, Scandal’s Mellie Grant.

Actress Bellamy Young is Scandal’s tough as nails President Mellie Grant. In person though, she’s sweet as beehive honey and is sad to see the show end.

“I’m going to miss the family, I’m going to miss the monologues, I’m going to miss the character. I’m going to miss our crew. I’m going to miss the way we shared these nights with our fans, our Gladiators,” said Young.

Young says she’s up for doing another seven seasons and that her time on the show was already surprising.

 “I had two lines. I was supposed to be there just three episodes. So that I’ve had this and gotten to watch Mellie achieve her dream, it still moves me so much. I cannot believe the privilege. To sit in that oval sometimes and light the fireplace and all the soft colors, I’m so happy for her,” said Young.

So, what’s Scandal’s top-secret weapon to its success?

“Well I’m so lucky because everything is on the page. I just have to do my best to show up and if I can elevate it, if there is Zeno’s Paradox, any room to elevate it than you know, it can go a little further, but it’s all in the writing,” said Young.

Of course, Young praises Scandal’s fans, the Gladiators and its star Kerry Washington’s social media skills for keeping scandal on the air.

“Kerry was smart enough to see the wave of live tweeting and we were the first show to do it and our grassroots fan base, our Gladiators, got us renewed and it blossomed from there,” said Young.

What’s in store for Mellie Grant, Olivia Pope and Scandal in these final episodes?

 “This is the work of a monster. It’s unfathomable.”

Young isn’t revealing any secrets, but she promises Scandal will finish strong its Gladiators won’t be disappointed.

 “It’s just really been a job of a lifetime,” said Young.

Don’t forget to catch Bellamy Young on the final season of Scandal: Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC4 Utah. If you need to catch up this season’s episodes are streaming online and on demand.

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