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Behind the Badge: Where is White City?

Local News

WHITE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – If you think you know all the cities in Salt Lake County, ABC4 has a surprise for you.

There’s a small town just 20 minutes from Salt Lake you may have never heard of before. Just under 2,000 people live there, it has its own mayor, community council, its own water district, and a police officer who’s right down the street, in this edition of Behind the Badge.

Driving by a little house in Salt Lake County, you’d never guess inside, it’s here a relatively unknown Utah town gets all its police work.

“It is weird to have a kitchen as your office? It is. But it’s also convenient,” said Jeff Fenton, Unified Police Department.

Each day Unified Police Officer Jeff Fenton reports there to cover the area of White City.

“What reaction do you get when you explain to people where you work?” asked reporter Brian Carlson. “Where’s that?” said Fenton.

“That’s the first thing they say?” Carlson replied.  

“Where is White City?” said Fenton.

Fenton tells ABC4 understanding “Where’s White City?” is easier to see on a map. White City Township covers a few city blocks, right in the middle of Sandy, but not incorporated into the city. Even for people nearby, it’s not exactly common knowledge.

“Ever heard of White City?” Carlson asked one man.  

“No,” he said.

“Do you know where it is?” Carlson asked another.

 “It’s around here somewhere,” he said.

“Where do you think it is?” Carlson asked someone.

“No idea,” they replied.

“You’re looking at it,” Carlson told another person. “Right there that’s White City? That’s not Sandy?” they asked.

“Nope,” Carlson said.  

Covering White City, Officer Fenton heads up what’s called their Community Oriented Policing, reviewing citizen crime tips or reports like one left in the police house mailbox, then going to their home to check it out.  

“So if someone breaks into a house or a car or something I’m the one who follows that through,” he said.

Fenton said White City drivers speed more than he’d like, and he works to slow them down, but believes this is a place everyone should get to know.  

“Come drive through, come drive through Sego Lily Drive,” said Fenton.

If you do, there’s a friendly police officer working for you.

Officer Fenton isn’t the only police officer in White City. He’s actually one of the about a half dozen officers who cover the area. But if you have a problem, he’s likely the face you’ll meet.

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