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Behind the Badge Update: Learn self-defense with Deputy Sherida Maylan

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OGDEN, UTAH (NEWS4Utah) Law enforcement officers serve and protect, but for a Weber County Deputy – serving and protecting includes teaching self-defense. And she has a goal to train thousands of women. In fact, when we met Deputy Sherida Malan she was being promoted to Corporal. But she turned down the promotion to continue doing what she loved the most – helping children in school and helping women defend themselves. We learn more in our Behind the Badge update. 

One year ago we attended self-defense class where Deputy Sherida Malan put students through self defense drills. The drills are part of a R.A.D. or Rape Aggression Defense class. Malan barked out orders as the students punched, blocked and kicked to get away from a would be attacker.  The Sheriff’s Deupty was encouraging to the women in the class. “Use your techniques to get to your safe zone.” And the students have clearly been paying attention.”No. No. Stay back.”   

Malan has been involved with the self defense class at the Weber County Sheriff’s Office for about three years. She started about the same time she became a patrol deputy with the county. And about the same time, she became a School Resource Officer in Eden. “I want to make a difference. I not only want to help people. I want to prevent problems in the future. So, my dream job is working in the school and being proactive. And getting to know these kids.” 

And she says the self defense class is her other way of being proactive and protective in the community.  “Ready. Go. No. Ready. Go. No.” 

The 31-year-old says “These techniques that we show people are simple techniques, but effective. What we want women to know is you can do these techniques and create distance – get away and call for help.”  And the seven-year law enforcement veteran has big aspirations for the R.A.D. classes.  “Our end goal is to teach this to every woman – self defense -n the county.” 

She says women of all ages benefit from learning self-defense skills. “We teach women they have their own personal weapons – fists, elbows their knees to protect themselves.”  

However, she also believes younger women – high school and college aged – should learn the techniques.  “It’s really good for women who are growing up. They’re teenagers. They’re dating. They are driving by themselves. They are out in the community and they’re parents are not out there to protect them. So, they need to learn how to protect themselves.”

And she believes going through some type of self defense class – could be a life saving choice. “I believe this could save a life or save someone from being a victim of a crime – of a sexual assault or sexual abuse.” 

If you want to take a R.A.D. self defense class – there are spaces available for the June 2018 class. You can find information at the Weber County Sheriff’s Office website – click here:

By the way, serving and protecting is truly in Deputy Malan’s blood. Her husband, her father and her father-in-law are all deputies or have been deputies in Weber County. 

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