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Behind the Badge: The Utah cop from the Caribbean

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HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC4 News) He came to the United States as a teenager and wanted to serve his country and his community. Today he is a detective with the Lone Peak Police Department. ABC4’s Don Hudson shares his story in this Behind the Badge report. 

“I love this country so much – I’ve done really well. A lot of opportunities. I worked hard. I just want to be part of something that protects and preserves that.”

Not long after Von Dookharan moved to the United States he enlisted in the military.

“The military was my first love.” A medical discharge took that love away, but he quickly found another. “I decided to do my second love – which was law enforcement. It still allowed me to serve the community and help others.”  And so for the past 13 years, he has patrolled and protected the citizens of Highland and Alpine in Utah County for the Lone Peak Police Department. 

Now he’s a detective. One of his jobs is keeping track of registered sex offenders. And busting those who commit sex crimes is his top priority.

“Taking guys like that off the street helps everybody. Helps the community, especially when they hurt children. That is kind of a personal thing to me.”

The 45-year-old lawman says while some may think Highland and Alpine are fairly low crime areas, he’s had his fair share of high adrenaline moments.

“I’ve had to take people down physically and handcuff them and throw them in the car.” One story he shared was the time he stopped a man with a gun. “

He jumped out of his vehicle right away – and I where I was saw something like a gun. And my hands are ready by my weapon, but once I saw that gun on his seat – I drew on him, and I requested back up.”    

Detective Dookhran says that’s the dangerous side of a cop’s job. The other side – the opportunities to help someone – maybe even save someone  – like he did in 2016.

“A medical call came up and this guy – the individual wasn’t breathing and I got there before the paramedics and I was able to bring him back – to do CPR and bring him back.”

Detective Dookhran went to check on the man about a week later. “When he saw me he broke down and started crying – he said thank you for saving my life. That’s not why I do it. It’s not for the recognition, but it’s just to help people.”  

Detective Dookhran continues to broaden his police skills. This week he is attending a law enforcement hostage negotiations conference. To see past Behind the Badge stories or to nominate a first responder for a future story – go to:

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