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Behind the Badge: Springville girl supports officers with Cookies For Cops

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SPRINGVILLE (ABC4 News) – A young girl from Springville is supporting Utah law enforcement officers with a gesture that’s very sweet…and crunchy and chewy.

Eight-year-old Helena Mateer is too young to understand all of the issues surrounding police morale but she does know one thing for certain: it’s impossible to be sad while you’re eating a chocolate chip cookie.

When Helena watched news coverage of the May 30th riot in Downtown Salt Lake City, she felt bad for the policemen and women on the front lines.

“She was just in tears,” her mother Crystal told Behind the Badge. “It was really upsetting for her and our younger daughter to see law enforcement attacked the way that they were.”

Helena figured the solution was some lovin’ from the oven: her favorite fresh baked cookies from a store called Chip.

“They always make me feel better so I thought they could make them feel better,” Helena explained.
Helena’s father Jordan is from Scotland and her mother is the daughter of a veteran from a strong military family. They raised some money from neighbors and with Helena, her younger sister and baby brother, started delivering boxes of cookies to local police departments starting with the Santaquin PD.

“It just made me really happy when I got to deliver them,” Helena said. “So I wanted to do more so I just asked my parents to raise more money so we could deliver more.”

They found most officers’ default setting is “Accept Cookies” so they kept going to police precincts, sheriff’s offices and Utah Highway Patrol stations, 50 agencies in all, often delivering to the graveyard shift staff between midnight and 5 a.m.

“That’s the time they get their leftover pizza crumbs and they don’t get a lot brought in to them and they don’t get a lot of interaction in the evenings,” Crystal explained. “It was emotional when you watch a majority of your officers start crying because this has really hurt them and really affected their families…These officers serve us in every way imaginable. They risk their lives for us and just to do small deeds of kindness for others and to serve those who serve us.”

“We’ve delivered over 2600 cookies. That’s about 292 boxes,” Jordan said. “At the moment we’re looking to raise to deliver to 86 more departments. That would be the balance of the departments in the state.”

Their most recent dropoff was in their hometown of Springville.

“I’m Officer Carter. What’s your name?” the SPD officer asked Helena. “Helena? What have you got there? Cookies. Sweet. That’s awesome. Thank you very much.”

“They normally don’t get really treated that nice cause of all of the stuff going on,” Helena told Behind the Badge. “But when we deliver the cookies it made them feel better.”

The Mateers are planning a summer road trip to visit the rest of Utah’s 86 law enforcement agencies – but they need to raise some money to buy all of those cookies. If you’d like to chip in a little dough go to

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