PLEASANT GROVE, UT (ABC4NEWS) – When Lauren Loch was a teen, she had a run-in or two with police. She says it was anything real serious. And she says those moments actually had a positive impact on her.

Fast forward to today – and the girl who ran into the law is now an officer of the law. Here’s this weeks Behind the Badge. 

“Do you know her phone number so I can call her?” We caught up with Officer Lauren Loch as she was checking on a family after a 911 call. And just a few feet away – a fellow officer watches her back.
“One of the most important things for me that I have found in law enforcement is the camaraderie between all the officers. Truly it is a brotherhood that we have.” And that is something she loves about in law enforcement. “Its something that I don’t take for granted and I truly feel lucky to be part of.” And it’s something she has been a part of for about three years now. 

She started in Provo. “I loved it. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it  to be totally honest with you.” Then two and half years later she moved to the Pleasant Grove Police Department. 
The 24-year-old officer says – in a word – both jobs have been a blast.”You have an incident where you’re super high-stress felony stop or something – stolen vehicle you’re dealing with people who are trying to run from you trying to fight with you. Trying to do all this stuff. To the next call – a little old lady had her credit card stolen.”  

Officer Loch took an unexpected road to police work because it actually started by having a few minor run-ins with police as a teenager. Obviously, I was doing something wrong or I wouldn’t be contacted by law enforcement, but they were always professional and helpful. And made me feel like – they made a difference in my life.” “It made me see that they cared. Its important to them to yes, enforce the law but also to impact people and individuals to better their lives.”

Officer Loch went on to earn a degree in criminal justice and worked as a 911 dispatcher. But she began to realize she didn’t want to just be on the phone with people – she wanted to be out helping people. “You’re trying to help them and you know that you can help them, but they won’t listen and since you’re not there you can’t take them by the hand or look them in the eyes and say ‘Hey. I’m here. I’m going to help you.’ So, being an officer huge difference. I love that I am physically there for every emergency – every call.” And that includes the dangerous ones – like the time she got a call about a man with a gun.
“As soon as he saw me he drops the bicycle and he stands like this.” “I pulled my gun and I can hear other officers coming and I’m telling him to show me his hands .” “In that moment – time kind of slows down because you realize what you’re about to do…to keep myself and my fellow officers safe I know what I have to do.” “It’s a risk that I take every day, that day it was more real than other days. but it’s just what I do.”  

So, how did that incident end? Officer Loch says the man dropped the gun he was carrying and surrendered. She says “He pulled a gun out…and he drops it.” No one was hurt and no one needed to fire their weapon. 

Police work is now a family matter for officer Loch, because after becoming a cop – she is now married to one. Her husband works for Provo Police. 

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