BEAVER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Two teens may be facing criminal charges after their airsoft gun was mistaken for a real gun on Beaver High School grounds.

On Monday, the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of two “youth” who had a semi-automatic pistol that they were pointing at each other.

A caller reported that the students had also entered the school. Multiple officers from around the country responded and the two youth were apprehended, police say.

The “pistol” turned out to be an airsoft gun — a plastic toy gun. Officials say charges are pending for the two students.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office released a statement about the incident:

“There have been 21 school shootings within our nation, this year alone and over 113 since 2018. This is not a joking matter. We are grateful for the way this turned out today and hope to never relive what some communities have had to endure. We are grateful for the training we have had with our school employees and first responders.  Please take time to communicate with your children about this very serious matter.”