Battery explodes in student’s backpack at Taylorsville High

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – After a small explosion inside a Taylorsville High School classroom injured a handful of students, officials are trying to figure out how it happened. 

According to the Granite School District, a small lithium battery caused the explosion.  Witnesses reported seeing smoke coming out of a student’s backpack moments before the device shot out of the bag.

Officials say chemicals splattered on two students during the explosion.  Both were treated at the scene, along with a third student, who they say inhaled smoke. 

Tuesday, the school district is calling the incident ‘unintentional.’

“Students are carrying more and more electronic devices and other types of items and bringing them to school, and while they may not be utilizing them at school, they could be in their backpack, in their locker…” explained Granite School District spokesperson Ben Horsley.  “We do not believe this was any sort of terroristic threat or that this was intentionally designed to harm people.  This battery pack exploded,” he explained. 

Students say some of their classmates were speculating about what might have happened and would have appreciated more information from the school about why emergency crews were there.

“My friend posted something that said ‘RIP’ — rest in peace, and there was like two fire trucks… I don’t like the fact that I wasn’t informed.  I mean, they should have told us — at least over the intercoms — that something was going on,” said Ali Abbas, a student at Taylorsville High School. 

For now, why the battery exploded remains a mystery.  

This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as they become available. 

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