As Utah’s U.V. index rises, you may need to start applying sunscreen: but don’t apply this recalled sunscreen by Banana Boat. More cans of their hair and scalp sunscreen spray SPF 30 were added to this list of recalled products on Jan. 27, 2023.

In July 2022, three batches of sunscreen were recalled because they contained trace levels of benzene; today another lot was added. Banana Boat will also offer reimbursement for consumers who have purchased one of the sunscreens with any of the lot codes, in the table below.

Benzene was not listed as a product in the active ingredients for banana boat sunscreen, however, after a review, Edgewell Personal Care Company, the company that produces Banana Boat found that benzene was in fact coming from the propellant in the spray.

“We know that you love our products, and we are conducting this recall out of an abundance of caution.” Banana Boat website says, “Importantly, no other batches of Hair & Scalp (either before or after these batch codes) and no other Banana Boat products are in the scope of this recall and may continue to be used by consumers safely and as intended.”

Benzene is a human carcinogen, and according to the American Cancer Society, benzene is known to cause cancer. Studies have been done in both people and lab animals, and benzene is mostly related to causing leukemia and cancers of blood cells.

Breathing in high doses of benzene can lead to drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, tremors, confusion, and/or unconsciousness. In extreme cases, inhaling very high levels of benzene can be deadly. Exposure to benzene as a liquid or vapor can irritate your skin, eyes, and throat. It can also cause redness and blisters.

According to the F.D.A., there have been no known adverse events related to this recall.

To check if your sunscreen is part of this recall check the bottom of the can for the following lot code, “20301CF.”