HUNTSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Planning on going backcountry skiing? You might want to think again. Utah Avalanche Center leaders are warning people it could get rough all along the Wasatch Front.

If you plan on hitting the slopes this weekend, you should be aware of the dangers, slopes in the backcountry are harboring right now.

This snow may look sturdy, but looks could be deceiving according to avalanche forecaster, Craig Gordon of the Utah Avalanche Center.

“Got very weak snow near the ground, last weekend we put a dense cohesive wind driver slab on top of that, strong snow on top of weak snow,” says Gordon.

Gordon says events like this, could lead to fatalities in the backcountry. He says with snowstorms coming in, a warning is advised this weekend, into early next week.  

“Avalanche avoidance is paramount because slides are breaking 3-5 feet deep, they are taking out the entire season’s snowpack and we are talking football fields worth of snow that are crashing down on top of you,” says Gordon.

Snow Basin Resort ski patrol officials are also warning visitors of the conditions.

“Ski area boundaries are marked with these red signs which clearly state ‘no patrol services or avalanche reduction beyond this point’, just want to remind everybody to be safe, skiing beyond the area boundary is not recommended,” says Scott Fetters of Snowbasin ski patrol.

If you choose to get out to the backcountry, Gordon advises to stick with low angle terrain with no steep slopes, above or adjacent to where you plan to recreate.

“It also requires proper equipment, with a transceiver, probe, shovel, a partner, a game plan, and knowledge of that terrain,” says Fetters.

You can also visit the Utah Avalanche Center’s website, for the latest information on conditions.