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Today Sheriff Rosie Rivera from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office joined Emily Clark on GMU’s ‘Ask the Authority.’ 

Rivera was recently appointed as Sheriff for Salt Lake County after Sheriff Jim Winder left to go to Moab. She may be new to the position, but she is not new to law enforcement in Utah. Rivera has spent 24 years in law enforcement, starting out as a police officer at Weber State University. After that, Rivera went to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and then over to Taylorsville Police Department when they first started up. They were later incorporated into the Unified Police Department.

Now as Sheriff, Rivera’s responsibilities are a little different,leading a big group of law enforcement. At the Sheriff’s Office she oversees corrections, protective services and the Unified Police Department. The experience she has helps her do the job well, she says she is enjoying it.

After a jail inmate was let out due to human error, Sheriff Rivera says she’s focusing on making sure the department is transparent. They have put several new checks and balances in place. Rivera says there will be more than one set of eyes on the process that led to the mistake, but is reminding the public we are all human and mistakes are made.

On the topic of transparency, Rivera says she’s seen communities upset with law enforcement because they believe the department is not telling the whole story. Promising transparency, Rivera says there are times information cannot be released due to the possibility of compromising an investigation. When the opportunity is presented, she says they want to be up front, hoping to gain back trust for law enforcement.

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