PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – With guns drawn, officers took an armed fugitive into custody in Provo Thursday.

Wanted fugitive Jordan Willey Wood, 28, was taken into custody for the following crimes:

-Three counts of aggravated assault of law enforcement

-Giving false identity to an officer

-Interfering with an arresting officer

-Possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person

-Theft of a firearm

Around 1:47 a.m. officers responded to three men trespassing at an apartment complex near 70 E 300 S.

According to arresting documents, the officer asked three men for identification. Two of the men gave proper ID, while the third man, later identified as Wood, gave the name of his father rather than his name.

When officers asked Wood to place his hands behind his back, documents state Wood “reached for the front pocket of his shirt.”

While attempting to remove his hand from his pocket, another officer realized Wood had a gun.

“I had Jordan’s righthand and (an officer) grabbed that hand from me and I drew my pistol and pressed it against Jordan’s chest,” police wrote in arresting documents.

As the officer placed their gun into Wood’s chest, he dropped the gun from his left hand before being handcuffed.

It was later determined that a warrant was issued against him while he was on parole for previous crimes, which restricted him from having a firearm.

He is being held in Utah County Jail without bail.