Are your kids driving you crazy yet?

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SANDY, Utah (News4Utah) — Are your kids driving you crazy yet? All this extra time because school is out this week could bring on some extra meltdowns.

But Instagrammer Emily Gibson from in Sandy might be able to help us out, at least for a few hours.
Emily has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep her 4 children ages 2 to 9 occupied.  

One simple idea came from an old art teacher.

“He came in screaming, ‘Throw out the coloring books!’ I won’t forget it for my entire life.”

So Emily leaves a big stack of printing paper on the middle of the table.

“It will typically stay here all break long and in the summer. I always put out pencils, crayons and markers. They can create anything and that builds more than just art, it gives them confidence.”

Other ways to keep you sane?
Teach kids about budgeting while making holiday returns.
Write thank you notes to Santa, family and friends.
Cook and bake with your kids.
“I love to make quesadillas. They can do it too. The older kids can reach the microwave. They can pull out a tortilla and shredded cheese.”
Another thing Emily does is have the kids read for 30 minutes to earn their screen time.

Emily has this last inspirational thought for parents:
“when you get overwhelmed, think yes you can do it. You have every thing you need. When you speak positive words it comes through to your kids.”  

Find Emily Gibson on Instagram @emiemiemi82

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