DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Davis School District announced its back-to-school plan for students, including a major change to in-person learning. This announcement has caused concern for parents and how it could affect their student’s well-being.

“The negative impact – I feel – is that families and parents that are not trained or educated in the aspect of educating children, will be forced to do three-fifths of the block of that education,” said Kadee Troop, a Davis County parent. “That right there is detrimental.”

“They’ll be in a mask for five to six hours of that day and they will not be able to interact with their chosen social groups. They’ll be grouped quite differently,” said Kelly Whited Jones, another Davis County parent. “So, as much of this idea is, ‘Well, we really want our kids to get back to normal,’ [but] this isn’t gonna look normal at all.”

If students are not enrolled in full-time online learning, the school district announced Tuesday that students will be in the classroom two days a week and have three days of online learning – all in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“I was encouraged to see the revision yesterday that it allows for social distancing of desks because they’re alternating days that kids are in class and out of class,” Jones said.

“I will be up front. I feel like the best place for kids is in school. Five days a week,” Troop said. “Because it’s the other days the kids aren’t in school, that they are collecting those exposures and illness through multiple contacts. Either through childcare or just the regular family life.”

While Jones and Troop recognize there is no perfect solution, they said they are grateful to teachers for their efforts to continue educating their children.

Hailey Hendricks
Hailey graduated from Utah State University in broadcast journalism. She was nominated for a student Emmy and also won a Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ) award for her work on the show ‘Cache Rendezvous.’ She was also nominated for an SPJ on suicide prevention.
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