Are Americans numb to mass shootings?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – After Sunday’s mass shooting in Texas, many Americans are filled with all kinds of feelings and questions. A psychologist  offers some insight and advice.

While some say it’s too early to say, Dr. David Sabine has some educated guesses as to what could drive a person to carry out a mass shooting.

“Political issues, personal vendetta,” says Dr. David Sabine, a Texas-based psychologist. “There are some who are disenfranchised or alienated in their life altogether. As a need to be important or to be recognized, they act out.”

According to the FBI, since the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando 17 months ago, there have been 555 mass shootings. “Mass Killings” as defined by U.S. federal statute is “three or more killings in a single incident.”  That definition is per the Investigative Assistance to Violent Crimes Act of 2012.

Dr. Sabine says the reason we’re seeing more and more of these kinds of tragedies has to do with repetition.

“Once it has happened a time or two or three or four and it begins to be more common, it registers in the mind of the those who may be inclined to commit such an act to think ‘that’s something I can do.'”

For those who feel overwhelmed or stressed, the American Psychological Association suggests consulting a psychologist or other mental health professional. 

According to the APA, “Turning to someone for guidance may help you strengthen your resilience and persevere through difficult times.”

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