Animal control: Owners of dogs that bit Layton child’s hand off surrenders dogs, citations dropped

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2nd UPDATE (3/27/2019) The Davis County Animal Control sent a second press release indicating the owners of the dogs have surrendered their dogs to Davis County and the process of finding an animal rescue or animal sanctuary have begun.


UPDATE (3/27/19) – The owners of two dogs involved in biting off the hand of a neighbor child have been cited. 

In a press release issued by Rhett Nicks, director of Davis County Animal Control, the owners of the two dogs met with representatives from Davis County Animal Care and Control in relation to the case.

During this meeting, the owners were given an offer to relocate the dogs into an animal rescue or animal sanctuary instead of pursuing action through the courts.

The dog owners refused and were subsequently cited for two counts of possession of dangerous animals and two counts of abatement of public nuisance animals. 

The release did not indicate any other details about the investigation into the incident itself or what additionally would happen to the dogs if the owners refused to release them.


LAYTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – Officials with Davis County Animal Care and Control said a decision has not been made whether to put down the two Huskies involved in biting a four-year-old boy’s hand off.

One of the dogs is accused of biting a four-year-old boy’s arm off earlier this month. 

In an email to ABC4 News Dir. Rhet Nick stated, “As of Monday 3/18/2019, it is believed that Davis County Animal Control has sufficient information and evidence to begin the final processes of the dangerous dog investigation.”

The process includes two phases.  The first phase will determine if the dogs, named ‘Polar’ and ‘Bear’, are dangerous under the Davis County ordinance. The second phase will determine what to do with the dogs, which includes euthanasia. 


“This process will be carried out over the remaining week and hopefully finalized sometime the last week of March. Until both phases are complete the case is considered open,” Dir. Nick’s email stated,

The dogs were held in a 10-day quarantine to determine if they have rabies. The director did not say if either of the dogs has rabies in his latest email. 

Two families and the community thought they would have a decision by Monday. 

Two weeks ago firefighters said a four-year-old boy stuck his hand under a neighbor’s fence where one of the two dogs severed the arm. 

Layton City Fire Department Battalion Chief Jason Cook told ABC4, “He had a sock on his hand so it appears that it was just innocent play and that he was reaching through the fence to try to play with one or both of the dogs.”

Just last week the boy’s mother went on Facebook stating, “a husky went under our fence and bit his hand and then attempted to pull him back under the fence.”

Animal control says they don’t know which dog actually bit the boy. 

“There’s a severe injury to a human, so we are doing a dangerous dog investigation which could range from nothing being done– if the dogs were found that they aren’t dangerous– to that there were enough mitigating factors for the circumstances up to and including euthanasia,” said Nicks. 

Jessica Nusz, a friend of the dog owners tells us, “It was just a freak accident and the neighbors know it was a freak accident especially if you’re not careful with big dogs.” 

Continue to follow ABC4 News coverage as this story develops. 

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