An update on the revitalization of the Granary and State Street Districts

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) Today, GMU got an update on a big accolade for Salt Lake City. Last year, Salt Lake was the first to receive two Main Street America designations, the only two in Utah. The program revitalizes older and historic commercial districts to build vibrant new neighborhoods and thriving economies. A lot of work has been done this past year. William Wright, Business Development Coordinator for the Salt Lake Department of Economic Development, joined Brian Carlson, with an update.

The designations went to two urban main programs: the Granary District, and State Street from 1300 South to 6090 South.

The Granary Main Street board is composed of 9 business owners and property owners from a variety of professional disciplines. Once they gain official nonprofit status, they will be called the Granary District Alliance. They are looking to focus on street, sidewalk and lighting improvements in the district. They are also going to look for alternative uses for the 4th West tracks. They also will be providing input on the proposal for the development of the Fleet Block.

Mural Program

Artists partnered with property owners in the Granary District to apply for a
grant that would allow murals to be painted on the walls of their buildings to represent the unique character of the District. All finalists have been notified of their grant. Mural work should begin by the
end of July, with completion by September. The RDA will host an event with the Mayor to unveil
the murals. 

Orchid Dynasty is expanding to their second location in the Granary District. They received an
adaptive reuse loan from the RDA for the improvements to the building that was once an old auto
shop. This loan is a great way for small business to get assistance for building improvements in
the Granary. They are looking to open their doors by the end of 2018. It will be a great addition
to the neighborhood of arts, entertainment and small-scale manufacturing.

State Street

State Street is in the process of creating a Board similar to the Granary’s. They already have a
great mix of business and property owners on board, so far. There’s a lot of buzz about Food Alley, which will be opening in the Spring of 2019 and can really be a strong anchor in that area.

To help increase parking in the area, the Transportation department is using funds from CIP to
repave 2nd East from 6-9th Street, to add in additional street parking and bike lanes.

The State Street group will be meeting with City Council members and property owners to
discuss getting a nice mix of tenants in vacant store fronts. The group has gotten involved with the Life on State group to combine forces and give additional input from the business owner perspective.

Currently, the Department of Economic Development is looking into growing the Main Street program into other neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. The City is looking into some grant options to further expand this proven program that provides revitalization to cities and neighborhoods.

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