Ammon Bundy slams Trump’s anti-migrant rhetoric

Local News

BUNKERVILLE, Nev. (ABC4 News)-A call for compassion from a rancher no stranger to controversy. In a Facebook video, Ammon Bundy battled back against the anti-immigration sentiment now swirling around the migrant caravan trying to enter the US from Mexico.

In an interview, Bundy says we can integrate those who want a better life.

“I’m talking about giving them a better opportunity to work. To get on their feet, to help them through that transition,” told ABC4 News.

Bundy said this is not a left vs. right issue and asked his viewers to move past their party affiliation and look for solutions. Bundy admits there has been some backlash, even some threatening comments.  

Bundy’s family says he’ll continue to address this issue later on.

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