Authorities cancel Amber Alert for baby taken in Clinton

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CLINTON, Utah (ABC 4 News) –

UPDATE 11/22/19:

7 p.m.

Utah authorities canceled the Amber Alert for 3-week-old Audrey Westfall Friday night. The woman who took the baby, the child’s biological mother, says she has legal guardianship.

An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday evening for a 3-week-old baby girl named Audrey.

She was reportedly abducted by her biological mother, 25-year-old Taylor Webb, from her grandmother’s home in Clinton. Police say the grandmother has temporary guardianship of the child.

“We have verified that the order that’s in place is a valid order. That’s the information we are using to base whether Mrs. Webb has the right to be alone with the child and especially take the child out of state,”  Lieutenant Shawn Stocker said. 

Police say Webb is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs roughly 130 pounds, and is wearing back and white. Audrey was last seen in a black and gray baby carrier with a pink and green quilted blanket. 

Clinton Police say Webb is from Northern California and say they believe she is en route back to Modesto California, which is located 11 hours west of Utah. 

Webb’s mode of transportation is unknown, and Clinton Police say it is likely she is with an accomplice. 

“Whether it be Uber, Lyft, UTA, the airport, rental car companies,” said Lieutenant Shawn Stocker, “we have run the gamut trying to narrow down what the mode of transportation would be. We still don’t know.”

Clinton Police say the last contact detectives had with Webb was a cellphone signal just outside of Tooele. 

They say the number one concern is making sure the abducted child is safe. 
Police say Webb could face criminal charges. 


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