SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – When you order something on Amazon, you usually expect it to come in an unopened package. That wasn’t the case for one Ogden family. A quick review of a door camera shows an Amazon driver allegedly stealing the contents.

The woman didn’t want to be identified but gave ABC4 NEWS the video. We blurred out the face of the driver because charges are pending.

In the video, you can see the man in an Amazon jacket open the package and take the contents out.

Amazon driver accused of stealing package contents in Ogden

The driver then puts the opened package under a chair to take what appears to be the confirmation picture that the package was delivered.

The mother tells us she’s had packages stolen off her porch before but was shocked to see what appears to be an Amazon driver doing it.

She says Amazon officials refunded her the money for the package.

ABC4 News Jason Nguyen took the video to Amazon to see what repercussions happened to the driver.

Amazon spokesperson Loni Monroe replies, “We are investigating this incident and appropriate action will be taken if needed.”

The Ogden mother hopes showing the video will stop this from happening to someone else.