Allergy sufferers: You are right, this year has been worse

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A stuffy nose, watery eyes, and scratchy throat are well known by allergy sufferers during the spring season, but some say this year seems to be worse.

If you agree, you would be correct in that line of thinking, as our lack of rain has increased our overall pollen count this year, Landon Bunderson, CEO of Pollensense, confirms.

“It’s been a dry spring, and generally, if you look at the amount… the total amount of pollen that has come up into the air and we’re breathing, it’s much higher than average.” 

The lack of rain we have been seeing this year has been a contributing factor on why allergy sufferers have seen worse symptoms. Without the occasional spring storm to help wash away the pollen, it has just accumulated and hung around.

But not all pollens are to blame this season. 

“People generally likely suffering more if they’re allergic to tree pollen this year. Our mold levels are about the same as they were last year, they peaked at a different time” says Bunderson.

This helps explain why some are suffering more than others this spring.

But one group may actually be in luck due to the lack of rain this spring.

Bunderson tells us the dry weather can help lessen the impacts of grass pollen.

“We’re coming up on grass season, which will start at the middle of the month and the dry winter, and the dry spring might result in a much lighter grass season. Especially for people like in Cache Valley where they have a really bad grass season, this could be a better year.”

This may be the one little benefit of this exceptional drought that we are in.

If you suffer from allergies, it is best to avoid being outside when those allergens are at their peak. Using certain apps like the Pollenwise app gives you a breakdown on the hourly forecast for pollen count and by type. But to fully know how to combat your symptoms, it is best to work with a medical professional, such as an allergy specialist.

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