SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Formal charges have now been filed by the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office against 22-year-old Buk M. Buk, the accused shooter in the death of University of Utah’s Aaron Lowe.

On September 26, Lowe and a woman were shot in Sugar House at a house party. Lowe died from his injuries while the woman was seriously injured.

Detectives, who initially said they had a hard time getting people to come forward with information or videos, were able to review a video from the party and arrested Buk one week after the shooting. Multiple witnesses also identified Buk as the shooter.

The video, which you can watch below, shows a man, who appears to be Aaron Lowe, with a woman and a man when some type of confrontation breaks out across the street. You hear someone scream something along the lines of, “You got a gun, shoot it then.”


It’s not clear who says that, but moments later, two gunshots ring out. That’s when police say Lowe and the unidentified woman were both shot and fell to the ground. Shortly after, you hear five or six more gunshots as people are seen scrambling to get away.

Salt Lake City Police later arrested Buk in connection with the shooting. Authorities were able to track him down in Draper in early October after executing a search warrant. He was arrested for murder, attempted aggravated murder, and felony discharge of a firearm.

The investigation is driven by law and evidence which District Attorney Sim Gill said led him to file charges Wednesday.

“We were able to create a narrative of the facts and those facts led us to today,” he said.

Now, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office has filed four charges against Buk:

  • Aggravated Murder: First Degree Felony
  • Attempted Aggravated Murder: First Degree Felony
  • Purchase, Transfer, Possession or use of a Firearm by Restricted Person: Second Degree Felony
  • Obstructing Justice: Second Degree Felony

While speaking with detectives, Buk denied being at the party. Detectives say they have not found the firearm used by Buk. The District Attorney’s Office reminds these are just charges and Buk is innocent until proven guilty.

In court documents, detectives say they were able to interview the woman involved while she was hospitalized. Because of injuries she suffered to her upper body, detectives say she was only able to community “by typing text on her phone or providing non-verbal responses to questions.”

She tells Salt Lake City detectives Lowe had been trying to move his vehicle but a group of four males would not move. She then says there were “a bunch of shots fired,” and she and Lowe fell to the ground.

As to the length of the prison sentence or the possibility of parole is not something Gill said is talked about until 60 days after the preliminary hearing.

“Our legislation has consciously decided that we should not much such important decisions without having all the evidence and certainly one we’re so close to an incidence and not to be inflamed by our emotions,” he said.

Prior to these charges, Buk’s background shows several felony charges, many involving weapons and robbery. However, most of his crimes were settled through plea deals and very little prison time.

Charges were filed against Buk two days after Lowe was laid to rest. An autopsy recovered four bullets from Lowe’s body. Detectives said they identified at least 19 injuries.

ABC4 News reached out to Lowe’s family to see how they felt about the charges but were not able to reach them.