SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Earlier this year, the State of Utah adopted a brand new flag to represent the Beehive State. Before it made it that far, however, the new flag had to survive a long and meticulous process against more than 7,000 submissions.

Now, every single submission to the community-driven More Than A Flag process has been archived online with the J. Willard Marriott Digital Library at the University of Utah and the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement. And all 7,031 submissions can be publicly viewed for free.

According to the Marriott Library, 5,000 of those submissions came from students and designs were submitted from every county in the state. More than 2,500 designs featured beehives and nearly 2,000 featured mountains. Other common themes for flags included a star, an arch, and stripes.

Some rare features included in the State flag submissions involved things such as “Covered Wagon,” “Bison,” “Olympics 2002” and “Greatest Snow on Earth.” Nine of the submissions even wanted to pay homage to Utah’s beloved condiment, fry sauce.

Designs ranged from simple and minimalistic, including a Beehive in a circle against a dark backdrop with “Utah” written underneath, to more complicated designs of abstract and colorful geometry.

In November 2022, the Utah State Flag Task Force narrowed down designs to a final five, each boasting very minimal and modern looks. The final design, which we now see as the new Utah state flag was selected on Nov. 10 and officially adopted during the 2023 General Session.

To see all 7,031 submissions made to be the new symbol of Utah as the state flag, click here.