WEBER COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) An alcohol ban at Pineview Reservoir is being hailed a success.

It’s been in place nearly a year and Weber County commissioners believe it’s working.

Getting a jump start on their Memorial Day weekend, Jamie Walker and her friends enjoy a booze-free beach with their young children.

“Being here, I’m in favor of no alcohol,” the mother of two said. 

Last Memorial Day weekend, Weber County Sheriff’s deputies handled 16 alcohol-related calls, including public intoxication, fights and a near drowning. 

“It wasn’t the environment I wanted my kids to be around and there was always a lot of garbage,” Walker said. 

The ban came last June after a series of alcohol-related fights, boat crashes and drownings. Weber County Sheriff’s Office was unable to provide updated statistics. 

However, Commissioner James Ebert said he’s seen a marked difference. 

“Reviewing from last year, I don’t think we’ve had a drowning and we’ve really reduced the amount of public intoxications and disorderly conducts,” said Ebert. 

Controversial still, not everyone warmed up to leaving a cold drink at home. 

“Pretty bummed out,” Cameron Davis said. “I would like to sit on the beach and enjoy what I like to enjoy.”