SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Airbnb is putting a hard stop on crazy New Year’s Eve parties by “drawing a hard line” with a party ban.

As part of Airbnb’s efforts to put an end to New Year’s Eve parties in its rental houses, the company will place a ban on certain one-night bookings during the holiday for entire home listings throughout the country, including Utah.

Airbnb said since it began testing these bans in 2020, party incidents over New Year’s Eve dropped roughly 56%. The company said in Utah, over 1,300 people were deterred by its anti-party defenses from booking entire home listings in 2021.

“The anti-party initiative is meant to support both Hosts and neighbors. Airbnb operates a 24/7 Neighborhood Support Line and encourages Utah neighbors to reach out with any issues so that our Safety team may investigate and support,” said Lisa Cohen, Airbnb spokeswoman.

Along with rental restrictions, Airbnb also offers its Hosts a noise sensor that will help monitor noise levels in the house. Hosts can integrate noise alerts with Airbnb’s messaging tool to detect and prevent issues before they start.

Some additional tips for Airbnb Hosts to stop unwanted parties in the house include setting expectations with guests by updating listing descriptions and house rules.

“Clarify whether you allow any guests who aren’t included in the reservation on the premises, especially if your space can accommodate a lot of people or has a swimming pool or a large outdoor area,” Airbnb’s website reads.

Airbnb also suggests getting to know your guests by asking follow-up questions such as confirming the purpose of the trip and knowing how many will stay at the house. Starting a conversation also provides Hosts an opportunity to share local laws and restrictions such as noise and parking ordinances.

Finally, Hosts should make themselves available to their guests and let their neighbors know the house will be hosting guests.